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NOAA IT Strategic Alignment and Sourcing Initiative

Shared Enterprise Information Services Designed shared enterprise information services for the USN, USMC, FBI, NGA, NRO, and NSA.
Information sharing, collaboration & innovation Principal technical advisor to drive innovation and provide guidance on enterprise architecture activities in support of classified program goals with an average IT capital budget of $10 million at the NRO and NGA.
Doing more with less Evaluated architectural risk and used sound judgment to assess designs and alternatives to make recommendations to save an average of $2 million on classified IT projects for the FBI, USN, and USMC.
Transformation of business models, practices,
operation culture, and technology
Championed the IT transformation and direction for the enterprise IT projects for Capital One Bank, FBI, USN, USMC totaling $39 million in IT capital budget.
Knowledge Management Served as lead technical resource for documenting, training, developing and sharing infrastructure knowledge at the NRO and CIA.
Big data Principal technical advisor for big data initiatives at the NRO, NGA, and the CIA totaling $14 million in IT capital budgets.
Customer care Lead technical escalation resource for the NRO assessing staff needs.
End user services As the leading member of the configuration control committee at the NRO and CIA, improved the execution of standardized image builds and support for IT technologies added to improve command service catalogues.